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The JODE Applet

Please be patience, loading the applet may take some time.

Sorry you need a java enabled browser to test a java applet ;-)

Don't read the rest, it only contains information about the applet.

Press the start button to decompile Michael's Plasma applet (and give the decompiler some time to download the jar file).

You may change the classpath to point to a zip or jar file of your choice, using a similar syntax. Only http and ftp addresses are supported. The file must be available from the world wide web. In fact you download it from Sourceforge and Sourceforge gets it from the given address. This hack is necessary, because Java's security policy doesn't allow applets to contact a different server. You can also point the classpath to a directory containing the class-files (include a slash `/' at the end in this case), but this is not recommended, since it is very slow. You may give multiple entries in the class path field separated by a comma.

You can't use this applet for local files. You can try to give local filenames directly without going through Sourceforge, but that is probably forbidden by your browser. Most browser only allow loading files from the same server as the applet, and this is the reason why you have to use such a weird URL.

Save probably doesn't work, because it is forbidden by your browser.